Where are all they located?

Most of all 'must see' places located from southern suburbs of Sukhumi up north to Russian border. This is the place where you can find nearly every plant that could grow on our planet...
(Novy) Afon
afonNovy (New) Afon named after first Afon which is located in Greece. The Novy Afon Monastery was one of the first church in this region (in our millenium) and is one of the most exciting russian churches.

Inside surrounding mountains located one of the biggest carst caves in the world - the Novy Afon Cave.

Novy Afon lake and more pictures here.

Lake Ritsa Lake Ritsa located in the North part of Abkhazia. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Caucasus mountains. It's waterline is 900 meters above the Ocean level. Here is the photographic tour around the lake. Despite the fact that there was a hotel built on it's coast and couple of other attractions, now it is completely wild and forgotten place.

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