Visual Moscow
The first (and rather alternative) visual Moscow guide on the Net

  • Today?
  • Spectacular hi-res sights from my window (NEW)
  • Unexpected focus
  • Exotic Cars
  • Mountain Bikers gathered on Red Square to open a season
  • Same bikers moved then to a Gorky Park
  • Random people in the streets
  • Journalists - they who make the news
  • Look how we work and how we celebrate at my office
  • Check out how we are going crazy at the dancefloor
  • Moscow River
  • Streets
  • Buildings
  • Mountain Bike exhibition Sport & Leisure + Trial
  • Views from Ostankino TV Tower
  • Panoramic views from Ostankino TV Tower
  • This page is in a permanent development. As the whole Moscow.
    Visit again soon to see the more sights.

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    Other Guides

    • GoMoscow site at Mining Company. Many reviews and link you could find there. Highly recommended.
    • Demos company built an attempt to create a russian Yahoo named Russia On The Net. By selecting the shortest domain name ( they declared they are the first. Will see whether they are the best. They include all submissions, but categories are not well defined yet.
    • Yahoo collection of Moscow links. Do not represent the real picture of online Moscow. Due to low popularity of Yahoo in Russia and rather long time to be linked after submission people do not prefer to submit links there.
    • Weblist.RU The list of russian web servers. Framed version best viewed with MSIE only. Moscow section includes lots of links, but you never know where to go without "details on" checked. Cyrillic and English sites are mixed!
    • City Net Moscow pages
    • Moscow city Guide One of the best looking. Filled up with 'matreshka and balalaika' like stuff and could be used by tourists with thick pockets only. Very low persentage of useful info for people who work in Moscow.
    • Moscow guide at Russia.Net in Seattle. More traditional city guide with transportation, flights, sights and hotels information. Sometimes confusing: When I'm writing this it is showing weather -8C, Snow, however it's raining and thermometer shows +5C.
    • Moscow Guide at SunSITE at Moscow University. More history oriented with good Photo section. Information abot churches and religion.
    • Moscow Business Telephone Guide The most comprehencive telephone directory available. At least 5% of addresses include email address, however it is unlikely that you get the respond.
    • Infoservices Moscow Guide. May be the best one available for travellers

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